Commercial Services

West Valley uses the latest and safest technology to clean windows up to 4 stories. We can provide inside as well as outside cleaning and after hours cleaning if needed. Whether you have simple retail store front glass or a larger building we can meet your needs for building maintenance. Property managers understand the importance of a cleaning budget, that’s why we require no contract and provide for a flexible schedule.

Residential Services

Nothing is as private as your home. Our staff understands that and respects your property. We use years of experience to provide the best service you can find. No buckets are brought inside and shoe covers are worn to protect the floors. Special care is taken when household pets are present. Other services include: Screen Cleaning, Chandelier Cleaning and Ceiling Fan Cleaning.

Flexible Pricing Plans

West Valley Window Cleaning has developed an excellent reputation by providing efficient, affordable, and reliable service. We incorporates a state of the art proprietary software program that personalizes your glass-cleaning schedule. A year-round cleaning schedule offers overall cost savings.

Property Management Systems

West Valley Window Cleaning services require NO contract, so flexibility in cleaning requirements can remain.Our property management system provides additional services that allows for nearly all requirements. We can provide pricing for additional services or locations at your request for a future date.